third package

My secret pal sent me a gift certificate to this extremely lovely shop. I have ordered my first BFL yarn ever, and am very excited to be getting it in the mail. I will post a pic later when it comes. Unfortunately I'm only home 6 days out of the next 6 weeks, so I may have to wait to get it in my hot little hands for awhile.

Thank-you so much secret pal!
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last package

I've been bad and haven't posted that I received my  last package last Saturday.  Thank you secretpal.  The yarn was nice and soft and all I want to do is pet it.  Again, I am at work, so no photos, but they were blue (my school colors).  One was part bamboo and the other yarn was part silk.  I think both had wool, but I'm blanking on the other contents of the yarn.  Regardless, they are super soft and I can't wait to figure out what to do with them.  SP, thanks for a great swap.  I still have yet to  use my Loopy Ewe gift certificate.  I just don't know what I want to get....yes....Smoooooshy. :)  Thanks again!!
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When the cat is not around.....

This is going to be a super short post, my boss (cat) just left for a meeting.
I received my package yesterday, and I was so happy with everything in it
- KnitMates 21 inches cable
- knitMates 4.5 needles (i think cause i left the little bag at home) (I really wanted to try this interchangeable needles)
- A skein of cotton - Lily sugar`n cream in a great green.
I couldn`t resist it and cast on for a light scarf.
- And a beautiful bookmark with litle green stones and and a cute sign with a sheep with a sign that reads I love 2 knit.
I took several pictures to capture the beauty of my package but I`m not good at this.

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Thank you very much Secret Pal, I love everything you sent, I hope we continue in contact.

stack of books

April package

Thank you so much 5eh!! You have been such an awesome pal!

This month she sent me some super cute little pots with seeds to grow basil, oregano, chives and daisies. We planted them today and the boys are really excited to see them grow. I was planning to start an herb garden this week for the patio so your timing was perfect!

She also sent some Addi Turbos; 24" circulars, size 6. I love Addis so I'm really excited about using these!

My package came on Tuesday but we've had some drama with my camera battery going missing (yay for toddlers) and I only just found it earlier today. So sorry for the delay in the thanks! It was perfect timing because I was having a really tough day on Tuesday. Funny how so many of us seem to get a package at just the right time to turn a miserable day into a not so bad day. Obviously our pals have awesome psychic powers. Or something.

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I am most fortunate among swappers!

after a 10 hr day, I get home to my last (boohoo!) package from Alice in Knitting Land, queen of swappity pals! in her honor, I use my special knitting usericon.

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thanks a jillion, Alice! I really appreciated that you were so into communicating with me, and that your packages showed that you were clued into what was going on for me. You were a thoughtful and considerate swap pal, and I was very lucky to have you!

now, who the heck are you? :)
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Final Package

I received my final package yesterday from my secret pal! Some fantastic Mirasol Sampa in red, which I LOVE! It's cotton and even better for the crazy hot summers we have here. A really neat keychain that has a mini-crochet hook on it for picking up stitches. My mom wanted to steal it right away. Then the final part was Bag Style! What a neat book! I can't wait to sit down and make stuff from it. Thanks Tsunami! It's been fun!
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After I came home from college at the beginning of the week, I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of my stuff - I left to go get some coffee and my last package arrived!

My pal is incredible; she's left me all sorts of encouragement this semester and she sent me the sweetest graduation card, as well as the last book in the Coldfire trilogy which shes been sending (Sooo good), a bookmark which cracked me up, MORE sock yarn (two skeins of knitpicks essential solid..which is already becoming a pair of socks), and a skein of pretty purple cascade 220.

Thank you so much for everything, Kristin. You are AMAZING!!
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My last package came a bit ago, but it's been a little chaotic for me, so I haven't had the chance to post about it. It may be my favorite package yet...

2 x Knit Picks Andean Treasure in Summer Sky
1 x Lorna's Laces Sheppard Sock in Child's Play
1 x Knitted/Felted bowl that I'm going to use to throw jewelry in... *G*
1 x Sugar 'n Cream Stripes in Pinky Stripes
1 x I Am The Final Cylon note pad (I squeed out loud!!)
1 x Pack of Doctor Who Buttons (see above!)

I am a huge SciFi geek, so the last two items had to be bragged about until all my friends started smacking me (only not literally...) upside the head. Heh.
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Parcel 2!

I came home today, absolutely exhausted, to find a Disney box waiting for me. And inside was the most beautiful, feathery blue yarn ever in the world. AND!!! an amazingly gorgeous crocheted scarf in lovely browns and deep oranges. Plus a groovy notepad!

Thank you, SP! You're awesome! :)