Trade Me Halos (trademehalos) wrote in secretpal_lj5,
Trade Me Halos

Thanks Kniterella!

My pal sent me a gift card to the Loopy Ewe! It's fun to shop for yourself and not worry about whether or not you *should* spend the money. Now I can find whatever I want! I haven't actually visited the site before now, and there's a lot to look through. My pal had unwarranted trouble with my last package. It got sent to where I was living, but sometimes when a new post office person starts delivering, they can't find the address. So the post office sent it back to the company where it came from and my pal had a hard time getting them to resend it. I am just as happy with my loopy ewe gift card as I'm sure I would have been with another package! Thanks for putting up with my funny address and dealing with worrying about where my package went. I loved everything I received during the swap and you've been great! I've definitely been spoiled! Who are you?

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