emily (knittingordeath) wrote in secretpal_lj5,

And you all thought YOU were the latest in posting your gratitude..

There are only a few things that I have wanted for myself for the past two weeks:

1. My computer
2. My camera
3. The USB cable for my camera
4. A working internet connection

At the same time. This was harder for me to achieve that you'd think.

Add an unofficial #5 to the list: Enough time awake with all four of the above items in order to actually accomplish something with them. (Look! I'm so distraught that I'm splitting infinitives now. Aiiie.)

Anyway, my tardiness is inexcusable, so onward the photos and the squee of my third and final package from the wonderful marydotmusic!

A sweet card revealing her identity, the motherlode of Swedish Berries (which, thanks to the resealable bag, I managed to drag out to eating in 5 or 6 sittings!), and the prettiest blue and green Indigo Moon hand dyed sock yarn!

A little Pirate Guy, who now hangs from my rear view mirror. His head looks like a ball of yarn and his peg leg is a push pin. Love it!

A chicken stapler. She gave me a chicken stapler! This is it pictured on my laptop at work (where I had an internet connection, my computer, and my camera...but no USB cable, for those of you playing along at home). I collect chicken things...and this is by far one of the most unique chicken items I've ever received!

This is the chicken stapler "eating" the Fortune Telling Fish on my table at rehearsals. The fish made the rounds in the building and told many fortunes the day after it came to live with me.

And to round out the menagerie in my third package, was a sheepy row counter. Which I proceeded to take a crappy picture of while watching The Office. Super awesome.

I had a fantastic swap, for sure, thanks to Mary. You're the best! Thank you so much!

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