Barbara (claustrofobica) wrote in secretpal_lj5,

Last package!

So, I got my package last week, but haven't had a chance to post. I just want to thank knittingordeath for being an amazing Secret Pal, she has literally spoiled me rotten. Not only that, she has had amazing timing with her packages, her second package was the first thing ever in my new house, even before the first boxes made it in!

And just to illustrate how spoiled I am, here is pictures of my last package:

She sent me a book by my favorite poet Pablo Neruda, a seaside scented candle, a jar with sand and shells that she collected, a tin of delicious lemonade flavored tea, a huge pack of incense (I went through the last one way too fast) with an incense burner, a ball of FaRe Baruffa Cashwool (enough to make a shawl), a shawl pattern, addi turbo needles and ring stitch markers.

And last but not least, a cute takeout like container full of homemade chocolate brownies that where too amazing to last long enough to be photographed (I must have the recipe, and so should you).

So, Emily, thank you again for being the best pal that anyone could ask for, you have made this a great swap for me.

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