MissAmErika (missamerika) wrote in secretpal_lj5,

Final package

I received my last package and it was lovely and well needed after a rough week. This was such a great swap! I had an awesome time spoiling lilpixie17and being spoiled by mainefan1

I unwrapped the package to find this beautiful blue box inside. (It was originally wrapped with blue yarn, but I've since misplaced the yarn.)


Inside I found these:


A ginormo jawbreaker, one so big it could almost be classified as a weapon, a wiggly, swiggly thingy that intrigues me and will soon be living on my desk with my other toys and a hank of 2 ply yarn from Colonial Williamsburg. I had no clue they grew their own sheep or spun their own yarn there! How awesome! I'll probably keep this yarn the beautiful cream that this is. It's so beautiful in it's natural state, anything else is just superfluous. Thank you!!!!!

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