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So, as usual, I've been out of town. My pal from SPLJ4 marydotmusic spoiled me rotten while I was in Japan, and this year, my new pal's been overdosing me in goodies while I've been trallavanting Canada. I've been doing ten million things (teaching, graduation ceremonies, summer school, etc) so I've finally checked in with homebase and here are my package posts!

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Extremely useful because I forget pattern repeats even more than I forget to post here. urgh. bad arkenholtz. I've been knitting lace for a long time but I've always been too busy to buy stitch markers, so I kept struggling with bent paper clips, hairclips, and yarn scraps. These markers make a huge difference -- they slide easily across the needles, they don't snag the yarn, and best of all, they're prettttty hahah. Very impressive to non-knitters, too :P

and, equally as useful, a Tool Tote by the Bag Smith. It's really nifty. It has tons of see through pockets so I don't have to dig around, and it's made of this thick, black canvas so I don't have to worry about getting more holes punched into the corners of my purses haha. Can't wait to take it on my next trip.

Thanks, pal!!!
Sorry for my delayed posts. You've been awesome and patient and your gifts have been so personal and useful!
Knit Pink

Thanks Kniterella!

My pal sent me a gift card to the Loopy Ewe! It's fun to shop for yourself and not worry about whether or not you *should* spend the money. Now I can find whatever I want! I haven't actually visited the site before now, and there's a lot to look through. My pal had unwarranted trouble with my last package. It got sent to where I was living, but sometimes when a new post office person starts delivering, they can't find the address. So the post office sent it back to the company where it came from and my pal had a hard time getting them to resend it. I am just as happy with my loopy ewe gift card as I'm sure I would have been with another package! Thanks for putting up with my funny address and dealing with worrying about where my package went. I loved everything I received during the swap and you've been great! I've definitely been spoiled! Who are you?

And you all thought YOU were the latest in posting your gratitude..

There are only a few things that I have wanted for myself for the past two weeks:

1. My computer
2. My camera
3. The USB cable for my camera
4. A working internet connection

At the same time. This was harder for me to achieve that you'd think.

Add an unofficial #5 to the list: Enough time awake with all four of the above items in order to actually accomplish something with them. (Look! I'm so distraught that I'm splitting infinitives now. Aiiie.)

Anyway, my tardiness is inexcusable, so onward the photos and the squee of my third and final package from the wonderful marydotmusic!

A sweet card revealing her identity, the motherlode of Swedish Berries (which, thanks to the resealable bag, I managed to drag out to eating in 5 or 6 sittings!), and the prettiest blue and green Indigo Moon hand dyed sock yarn!

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I had a fantastic swap, for sure, thanks to Mary. You're the best! Thank you so much!

late to the party

I have to give a giant shout-out to my secret pal Tea Knits for an awesome last package. I got a very pretty card, two balls of Knitpicks' Gloss (it's really lovely, i think it wants to be fingerless gloves), an issue of Interweave Knits (mmmm... yarn porn... is it bad that i read through it in the bath one night?), and the Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket pattern (I've been wanting this forEVER!). My pal has been so awesome over the last few months and this package was no exception <3

Thank you SP, and I am so sorry for not posting about my glee sooner.
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Last package!

So, I got my package last week, but haven't had a chance to post. I just want to thank knittingordeath for being an amazing Secret Pal, she has literally spoiled me rotten. Not only that, she has had amazing timing with her packages, her second package was the first thing ever in my new house, even before the first boxes made it in!

And just to illustrate how spoiled I am, here is pictures of my last package:

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She sent me a book by my favorite poet Pablo Neruda, a seaside scented candle, a jar with sand and shells that she collected, a tin of delicious lemonade flavored tea, a huge pack of incense (I went through the last one way too fast) with an incense burner, a ball of FaRe Baruffa Cashwool (enough to make a shawl), a shawl pattern, addi turbo needles and ring stitch markers.

And last but not least, a cute takeout like container full of homemade chocolate brownies that where too amazing to last long enough to be photographed (I must have the recipe, and so should you).

So, Emily, thank you again for being the best pal that anyone could ask for, you have made this a great swap for me.
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Package No. 2...and No. 3!!!

I want to thank both my angels, who sent me two packages that arrived on Thursday! (Yeah, I've had an extra long bank holiday weekend and have been offline for the whole time.)

My anonymous angel sent me a black, white and red drawstring bag - handsewn? - a notebook and some bath salts as well as a sweet little card hoping my RSI will get better!

My last parcel was from the lovely Deborah, who sent me Making Stuff, which has me trying to decide what to make first and which I've wanted for ages.  

Thank you thank you thank you both. You've made my swap!